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Akott Group

Unique Style Concept: Elegance, Luxury, Ancient Values, Culture, True Mediterranean Tastes, Feelings, Technology. Made In Italy.

Akott, excellence in cosmetics Research and Development

Akott is an inspiring coreographer that makes molecules dance in perfect synthony.
Dance is the mother of all arts as chemistry is the mother of all science, that’s why Akott has combined art & science for high tech products with a soul. We have developed a unique style concept: elegance, luxury, ancient values, culture, true mediterranean tastes, feelings, technology made in italy.

Akott is an Italian company with an international mind. Born in 1965, Akott has embodied the Italian tradition, the experience and the continuity to create a solid business platform. We express Italian good taste & elegant style with a worldwide vision.
Akott is a world leader in the production & commercialisation of high added-value cosmetic ingredients. We believe in the “team positive concept” where a high technical team with a global expertise developes projects with enthusiasm & motivation. Akott is present worldwide through an established network of affiliates and valued distributors.